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Spirit of Silver

In South Africa, Pretoria (Tshwane), JHB, Durban, Cape town.

Advanced Solution of Colloidal Silver is an amazing natural alternative to antibiotics.

It has been well documented as the best broad spectrum anti bacteria, viruses, or fungal organisms. This includes conditions from common colds and flu to cholera.

It has been proven effective against over 650 different infectious diseases.

Use of Colloidal silver goes back to thousands of years. In Roman Empire they use to keep water in silver wares and prescribe it to sick people. Traditional Herbalists use it for Cancer, TB, Arthritis, Ulcer, Yappy flue , And More (We do not these claims and as far as we know it is not registered in any country as medicine. For 50 years the FDA allowed Colloidal Silver to be used, but recently under pressure from pharmaceutical companies categorized it as a schedule medicine.) 

Best of all, resistant strains of bacteria and fungi do not develop as they can with conventional antibiotics. Spirit of Silver is one of the safest, most effective all around germ fighters available.

Medical tests indicate no known adverse effects and there has never been a recorded case of drug interaction with any other medication. No allergic reaction has ever been recorded. Colloidal Silver is also extremely effective in the topical treatment of burns, abrasions or any skin irritation or problem.

 Super-strain pathogens have developed a resistance to virtually every antibiotic developed thus far. A potential catastrophe resulting from super-strain pathogens is waiting on the horizon.

Recent scientific research indicates that pure silver is essential to life. The human body contains .001 microns of silver and researchers note that illness occurs more frequently when the level of silver drops below this point. Silver, in a microscopic colloidal solution of 10 parts per million (.001 microns), is an effective, all-natural antibiotic mineral.

Unlike antibiotics, Colloidal Silver can be taken indefinitely without fear of microorganisms developing a tolerance to it. Microorganisms depend on specific enzymes to breathe. Minuscule colloidal silver ions disable these enzymes, cutting the air supply to the microorganisms with cytopathogenic results. Since the microorganisms are suffocated rather than poisoned, resistant strains fail to develop.

Our colloid of silver is available in its purest form at 12 to 17 PPM ( parts per million concentration).

We suggest the users take some yogurt with their meals to replace useful bacteria's of digestion system.

It can be taken orally ( 5 to 10 cc three times a day for adults) or topically on cuts and skin or even eye drop.

Spirit of Silver

500ml - Price: R 65

Two bottle of 500ml  - Price R 120

R 45 shipping charge for orders below R 295.

Free shipping for orders over R 295. 

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Price outside South Africa

Collidal Silver

If you want the best and long lasting result please add Liver and colon cleansing to your order.

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