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Oxygen Guardian

 JHB. Pretoria (Tshwane), Cape town South Africa RSA  Good option for SARS.

The lack of oxygen in human cells is the underlying cause of not just cancer, but of all chronic degenerative disease.

Some naturopaths believe Oxygen will treat and heal most the health  problems; e.g.  cancer, aids, colitis, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, herpes, emphysema, crohon's disease, arthritis, constipation, spastic colon, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, headaches, chronic fatigue, obesity, neuralgia, angina, heart murmurs, gout, poor circulation, cirrhosis.

Allergies Headaches, Altitude Sickness Herpes Simplex, Alzheimer´s Herpes Zoster, Anemia HIV Infection, Arrhythmia Influenza

Asthma Insect Bites, Bacterial Infections Liver Cirrhosis, Bronchitis Lupus Erythematosis, Cancer Multiple Sclerosis

Candida Parasitic Infections, Cardiovascular Disease Parkinsonism, Cerebral Vascular Disease Periodontal Disease

Chronic Pain Prostatitis, Diabetes Type 11 Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetic Gangrene Shingles, Diabetic Retinopahty Sinusitis

Digestion Problems Sore Throat, Epstein-Barr Infection Ulcers, Emphysema Viral Infections

Food Allergies Warts, Fungal Infections Yeast Infections, Gingivitis

The American Lung Association claims that the number of people that have died from asthma almost doubled since 1979. Deaths from emphy-sema continue to increase even though tobacco use has dropped by nearly two-thirds.

The sale of bronchial inhalers have almost tripled since 1979, indicating similar increases in bronchitis. When people die from asthma, bronchitis, or emphysema attacks, they die because they can't get enough oxygen into their blood. BUT NOW THERE ARE NUTRIENTS THAT CAN REVITALIZE YOUR LUNGS. Recently we learned about the oxygen deficiency almost all of us have and the opportunity to provide our bodies with a new potent oxygen product produced exclusively by Physicians Research Laboratories.

Dr Otto Warburg, twice Nobel Laureate, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer.  He said: "Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes, but there is only one prime cause. 

Nobel Prize winning German biochemist Dr. Otto Warburg is convinced that cancer cells can only begin to grow in the human body when the cells become oxygen deficient. Furthermore, his research showed that cancer cells cannot grow at all when exposed to an oxygen-rich environment.

A number of world-class scientists, including renowned molecular biologist Dr. Stephen Levine, have concluded from their own research that the lack of oxygen in human cells is the underlying cause of not just cancer, but of all chronic degenerative disease.

You must understand that the oxidation-reduction system the body uses, to get rid of toxins, will often remove the very things that were making you sensitive (allergic). It is the most efficient and well-designed detoxification for the human body possible. Colonies, fasts, herbal cleansers, etc., all pale to insignificance before this system. And all that is needed is adequate oxygen.

The most amazing, dramatic method of treating a prolonged case of oxygen deficiency leading to such degenerative diseases as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, tumors—malignant and Benign, Epstein Bar, candida albicans, Parkinson’s disease, lupus, psoriasis, colitis, cancers including-prostate and breast cancer, hypoglycemia, AIDS and a low immune system, etc is Oxygen Guardian.

Oxygen Guardian

100 ml drop   R 145

Two or more R 125 each

R 45 shipping charge for orders below R 295.

Free shipping for orders over R 295. 

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International price US$ 25 including airmail cost, Minimum order US$ 50

oxygen drop

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