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MSM Guardian

Cape town, JHB, Pretoria (Tshwane) in South Africa

( 99% pure MethylsulphonyMethane)   
Combats Rigidity Promotes Elasticity

What is MSM and What is it used for?

Methyl Sulphony Methane is the form of organic sulphur that is stored in every cell of our body .The body uses sulphur continuously to create new cells - without it the body will produce weak dysfunction cells . Sulphur comprises of 0.25% of our body weight being the third or  fourth largest constituent in our bodies .

Sulphur is necessary for collagen synthesis. Collagen is an insoluble fibrous protein found in vertebrates as the dominant component of connective tissue, fibrils and bones. Sulphur operates as synthesizer and activator with the b vitamins thiamine, vitamin c biotin, and pantonthenic acid which are needed for metabolism and healthy nerves.

MSM plays an important part in tissue breathing, the process whereby oxygen and other substances are used to build cells and release energy.

Research indicate that perhaps sulphur's most important health role is in carbohydrates metabolism which is significant for hypoglycaemics and diabetes. Sulphur is a significant component of insulin, the protein hormone secreted by pancreas that is essential to the metabolism of carbohydrates.

MSM is part of the amino acid chain. Its main function is to help physical growth. Growth it is not a static process-it is a living, breathing dynamic on-going balance in our bodies. we replace 98% of our cells every year-you are physically 98% different than you were a year ago. We grow a new stomach every 5 days, a new liver every six weeks, and a new skeleton every three months. MSM is the flexible bond between bones.


Why have you- the 'you' that has transcended, survived and orchestrated  these physical transformation - carried on growing that tumour or that calcium deposit that is causing all these problems? there are lots of reasons but here is one of them. MSM is part of the amino acids methionine, cystine and  cysteine. These Sulphur bearing amino acids are considered the building blocks of protein.

Without the presence of MSM in our bodies the amino acids will continue to build the glands (that regulate our endocrine system ) but there is failure to produce the correct enzymes, so we are prone to unnecessary illness. you grow your body -the process of regenerations - by replacing (and removing ) cells that die. When a cell dies you grow a new one that takes its place. Without the needed amount of MSM the new cell attaches but becomes rigid. the consequent loss in flexibility is not a good thing.

Deficiency of sulphur causes the following symptoms:

* Allergies

* Inflammation or muscles ache after work

* Plaque build up (both in our mouth and arteries)

* Rigidity -Eyeballs stiffen and inhibit our ability to focus and thus see

                  -Digestive system stiffens and becomes breeding ground for parasite

                  -Joints stiffens and inhibits our freedom of movement

                  -Brains stiffens, unable to think (Alzheimer's) memory loss

                  -Skin stiffens and becomes scaly (psoriasis or eczema)

* The lack of nutritional sulphur in the diet can results in low insulin production.

* Arthritis, acne, rashes, depression, slow wound healing, scar tissue, lung dysfunction, immune dysfunction, brittle nails and hair.

*Assists in healing :arthritis, acne, rashes, depression, slow wound healing, scar tissue, lung dysfunction, immune dysfunction, brittle nails and hair.        


It is not too difficult to see that soft flexible organs, tissue and systems are going to help everything and improve blood circulation is an obvious Benefit.

Detoxification- getting rid of the spent, the useless, the morbid, the decrepit and the downright out and the poisonous is the flip side of regeneration.

MSM is free radical scavenger and the primary Benefit cited in all the literature is relief from allergies. This is not just a claim but a patented fact about the substance that the courts have  deemed a food not a drug. there are pages and pages listing the patents out on MSM and to get a patent you have to be able to prove your case.

MSM also prevents over reaction to other medicine , so it does not work against them but actually helps them. Sulphur helps to maintain overall balance between acidity and alkalinity, and it works importantly with the liver to secrete bile.

MSM helps make you alkaline the advantage being ulcers cant thrive in this environment. The digestive tract is provided with a coating by taking MSM that parasite find difficult to get a grip on they thus fall out ready to be flushed away.

Arthritis , MSM Guardian

It is 50% MSM also includes Boron, Zinc and other min & Vitamines

60 Capsules - Price: R 65

120 Capsules  Price: R 105

We suggest that you order the 120 Capsules for the right results.

R 35 shipping charge for orders below R295.

Free shipping for orders over R 295. 

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Each Capsule Contains:

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