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Immune Care

Mail order in South Africa, RSA , JHB, Pretoria (Tshwane), Durban , Cape town.

Arthritis, bone caring, Cancer, Prostate, and more.

Sterols & Sterolins (Beta sitosterol) found in many plants including in African potato (Hypoxis) have amazing effects on Arthritis, bone caring and Prostate cancer. We added the following essential trace minerals , Zinc, Selenium, Boron, Vitamin A, B6, C.  to multiple effects of immune care.  

Immune Care is a product that supposedly supports the immune system by using plant sterols and sterolins. Sterols and sterolins supposedly increase the number of NK cells (cancer fighters) and increase DHEA levels naturally. They also reduce the stress hormone corisol, the inflammatory immune factor Interleukin-6, and the tumor necrosis facto TNF-a. It is said to support the balance between Th-1 and Th-2 cells.

In short, all the above boils down to...a suppression or rather a balancing of the imflammatory response in the body. Which could mean good things for fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, RA....etc etc. Oh, I also saw Hep C mentioned.

Please note for the best absorption Sterol, Sterolins, Vitamins and trace minerals must be all be taken together. Majority of people think if they take a single mineral like Calcium or Zinc it shall be absorbed by the body, that is not quite true. For example Magnesium is essential for absorption of calcium and Vit.  B6 for absorption of Zinc...... Boron is the best supplement for Arthritis's. Selenium has anti-oxidants and anti cancer properties. Absorption by the body is a chain reaction, the way they exist in the foods.

Boron...This important mineral is renowned for its role in helping to prevent or slow the effects of osteoporosis. There is some evidence to suggest boron may prove Beneficial in treating some forms of arthritis.


Each tow capsules Contains:

Sterols and Sterolins 30 mg, Beta Carotene 500 RE, Vitamin B6 20mg, Vitamin C 60mg
Vitamin E 20 IU, Magnesium 160mg
Zinc 22mg, Selenium 10mcg, Boron 4mg, Potassium 40mg, Celery Seed 300mg

60 Capsules - Price: Only R 81

Two or more container R 75 each

R 45 shipping charge for orders below R 295.

Free shipping for orders over R 295.     

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Price outside South Africa

Immune care

Dosage:   two capsules per day preferably
1/2 hr before meals.

Dosage two capsules per day preferably 1/2 hr before meals.
The best combination is
detox formula with MSM Guardian and Kombucha Guardian.

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