Prayer: O my God, Thy name is my healing, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion.


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Please read the following several times and mail the questioner sent to you as soon as possible.


Pregnant women do not use the supplements and contact us for changes.




1-     30ml Master formula one hour before meal once a day.


2-     Immune formula 5 ml two times a day with Inkomazi ( Maas, sourer milk without

         Preservative). Also adding garlic or garlic powder helps.


3- If the diarrhea is not stopped after 5 days call us. ( Digestion anti acids like ENO and  Carob powder from health shop and Cinnamon tea may help to stop Diarrhea).


4- If we send you Liver Guardian take it on Saturday or day that you do not have to work use Liver Guardian to clean the bowel and liver. ( People with diarrhea skip or postpone liver guardian for one month also  ).



The Magnet be placed on the veins one hand near waist and the paper sticker side touching the skin. You can use a patch to secure it. 


All family members must consider de-worming at the same time otherwise re-infection of parasites is possible.

                                                            Please read this part several times


Strictly forbidden for ever:


Alcoholic drinks (especially home made or African beer even in weddings or funerals), Vaseline, lip fresheners, Body creams, Hair sprays and oils (especially beauty products that are made for African market). Use of the addictive substances (recreational drugs),

 Unprescribed anti biotic, tranquilizers (pain killers),


Small amount of Aquarius cream or baby cream, Coco oil, Glycerin is allowed.



Do not use borehole water for washing dishes or drinking. Boil milk even if it is pasteurized


 (Long life milk does not need boiling). Do not eat burned part of meat or food.


Breathing spray-painting or paints getting dry is not allowed.

Remove microwave from your home. Do not use microwave for warming up or cooking food.


Not allowed:    ( Please read several time and memorize it)                                                                                    

 Sugar in any form or color, Chocolates, Candy bars, Sweets. (Small amount of Black molasses and raw honey with wax is allowed after two months.)


Coffee (even decaffeinated), Coke and other soft drinks,  yellow cheese, Smoking cigarettes, Tin or can Food contains preservatives specially processed meat like Bacon, Boer wors and Polony Biltong, Pig meat, Margarine.


Fried food, Burned food, burned meat, undercooked meat and chicken.


Also no premixed spices ( If you mix spices yourself is okay).


Cut on consumption of mille mill (Processed or powdered white maze) as far as you afford financially (Whole corn if is not Sausage powdered is okay).


No drinking water with meals. Drink water at least 1/2 hour before or one hour after meals.


Try not to mix the followings: Meat, Sweet foods, Salads and fruits. Wait at least for one hour for each type food to be digested.


No pest spray, Naphthalene, Do not keep any paint products or solvents inside your house.


Recommended foods: Garlic, Inkomazi, Plain Bulgarian culture yogurt, Lots of Lemon Juice, Fresh fruits, orange and lemon,


Boiled milk (Not if you get diarrhea), Banana, Brown bread, Sorghum, Millet, Garlic, cabbages,


Pumpkins, Beetroot, Raw or half cooked vegetables (do not trough away the water, drink the water as well),


Sweet potato, Bran’s cereals, Raw nuts, Green tea, cooked Fishes and meat and chicken, green beans and green peas.


Cold press oils (Linseed oil), fresh fruit or juices extracted by yourself,  fresh cheese, real cream


and butter, boiled egg, parboiled Rice, Turmeric, soups ( not made in factories). Red meat not


more than five times a week. (As far as you afford them financially)

      Please note medicine can not replace a healthy diet.


Take at least 5 glass of water per day (Tea, coffee, soft drinks can not replace drinking pure water).  Try to use enamel or stainless steel and Glass dishes.


Edema of Coffee is recommended once a day.


Keep your pets and cattle’s outside and de-worm them regularly. Use spoon and fork for eating and wash your hand every before eating.


We recommend at least three courses ( you must see the result after the first course).                      


To maintain and improve the condition supplement of Immune formula at cost of R150 for two containers including shipping that lasts for 3 months.


Using a Frequency resonator at 15 Hz if you afford is useful the price rang is about R 400.


Recommendations are based on prediagnosed case by your Conventional medical practitioner and only when conventional medicines fail to help you.  B.Ashoori is an Herbalist, Healer and not a Conventional medical doctor.


Pregnant ladies must inform us about pregnancy double check for safety of any supplement during pregnancy.


Do not stop your special diet or medications recommended by your conventional medical practitioner. Call us if you notice any side effect or if conditions do not improve within 5 days. Some people may be sensitive to spices used in the Immune Formula.


 First two weeks you may notice some weakness because of the new diet.


Your personal information is kept confidential. Do not forget us after getting healed and try to save your friend life as well. Keep your diet forever for your own good health. 


Use prevention till you are sure that the test result for HIV is negative. The test for viral load and CD4 count is more valid test than only HIV + or negative.


You must give your body a few months time to rebuild your damaged immune system and carry on the diet for at least nine years.  You should call us every six months to find out about new alternative treatments discovered. We are receiving new information almost ever months and include them in the diet and our supplements regularly


If you do not follow the diet or do not buy the De-worming medicine like Vermox or Cipex from pharmacy for the whole family or do not do the liver cleans do not expect a miracle.   


 Also have in mind that having sex even with Condom does not means that is 100% safe.              


Do not forget the most healing power on the earth: Prayer


*Important Moral Obligation: Please write us a testimonial after finishing the course. All     testimonials remain confidential or the published names shall be changed.       


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