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Why Ginseng?

For many thousands of years Ginseng has been in widespread use throughout Asia as a medicinal root possessing a wealth of properties. The scientific names Panax Ginseng and Panax Quinquefolius are derived from the Greek word for cure-all, related to the word Panacea. Ginseng is termed an "adaptogen".

A class of substances that tends to restore the bodies functions and to cleanse it of toxins.

The ancient Chinese used ginseng to balance the body's chi, those natural negative and positive energies that are represented by the body's various organs and functions. If taken regularly ginseng was said to substantially increase your inner strength and prolong your life span.

Ginseng root is also know as Manroot.

Ginseng has been demonstrated in clinical tests to have
therapeutic value in:

  • Relieving stress
  • Improving memory
  • Increasing energy
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Restoring vitality
  • Preventing illness
  • Resisting headaches
  • Overcoming exhaustion
  • Strengthening the body
  • Warding off infection
Fresh ginseng root is picked wild or cultivated. The
There is clinical evidence to suggest that some forms of cancerous cells are inhibited when ginseng is a regular part of your diet. Ginseng has also been shown to have a cumulative Beneficial effect on the auto immune system. Additionally, there has been evidence indicating considerable efficacy in improving or restoring virility, and treating sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

How Korean ginseng can help you from various diseases or symptoms...

Korean Red Ginseng has an anti-aging effect...

Professor C. W. Park of Seoul National University found that the non-saponin components of Korean red ginseng suppressed the harmful effects of free oxygen radicals (O2-, H2O2, OH-, 1O2) which exercise an important role in tissue degeneration.  He said it occurred in result of elimination of  O2- by the ginseng components.

Professor B. H. Han of Seoul National University reported that Korean red ginseng contains phenolic compounds and maltose that have anti-stress activity as well as anti-aging activity (Chinese Medicine Symposium, 1985).

Korean Red Ginseng helps recovery from anemia...   

Dr. Kaneki of Toyama Central Hospital in Japan administered the effective component of Korean red ginseng to 13 anemia patients and found that it was effective on hypo chromic anemic and intractable anemic caused by gastrectomy (Shinliou & Shinyaku 7(12) 109).

Professors Yamamura of Osaka University and Arichi of Kinki University found, through cooperative research, that Korean red ginseng was effective in 3 out of 20 aplastic anemia patients, while 14 out of 38 patients recovered from anemia symptoms of liver disease, stomach disease, diabetes, and tuberculosis.  In addition, from a clinical study with 51 anemia subjects who were unresponsive to various therapeutics, Professor Arichi reported that Korean red ginseng was effective against rheumatic, tuberculosis, and senile anemia.

Korean Red Ginseng Helps You From Atherosclerosis  & Hypertension

Professor C. N. Joo of Yonsei University  studied the effect of Korean red ginseng on hyperlipidemia induced by feeding food containing large amounts of cholesterol to rabbits.  At the 3rd International Ginseng Symposium in 1980, he reported that Korean red ginseng not only lowered cholesterol level in the blood by promoting the activity of various enzymes related to the lipid metabolism but also prevented atheroma formation due to hyperlipidemia, an accumulation of lipid containing material walls.

Dr. Yanamoto of Nissei Hospital in Osaka reported that administration of Korean red ginseng powder to 67 patients suffering from hyperglycemia as a result of diabetes lowered the level of blood cholesterol, trighycerides, and platelet adhesiveness, and increased the level of HDL protein (Planta Medica, 1982)

Korean Ginseng improves blood circulation...

Professor N.D. Kim of Seoul National University observed and compared the regression of contractability of the exercised heart from two groups of rats : one that was given Korean ginseng and the other that was not.  As a result, he confirmed that the heart of the rats given Korean ginseng showed prolonged contractions longer than that of control rats (Journal of Pharmacology, 1982).

Dr. Kaneko administered Korean ginseng to 30 male and female patients (45 years old on average) suffering from atherosclerosis, diabetes low blood pressure, and liver cirrhosis.  The result was satisfactory recovery from those subjective symptoms-headache, heaviness in the head, muscular arthralgia, fatigue-without any side effects.

Korean Red Ginseng enhances brain activity...

Dr. Petkov of Physiological Research Institute of Bulgaria and Professor J. S. Oh of Seoul National University found that Korean red ginseng enhances brain activity and maintains psychological stability by selectively controlling mechanism of both stimulation and pacification.

     * Protopanaxadiol saponin : Pacification of CNS

     * Protopanaxatriol saponin : Stimulation of CNS

In April, 1989, with the subject of Korean ginseng and brain, Dr. Petkov of Physiological Research Institute of Bulgaria stated, at the International Ginseng Seminar held at the University of Tokyo, that Korean red ginseng is notably effective in artificially induced amnesia in mice and the loss of memory and increases learning ability of the animal.  Professor Saito of the University of Tokyo also reported that Korean red ginseng is effective in enhancing brain activity based on his study similar to the study of Dr. Petkov.  Especially, he reported that Korean ginseng extract and ginsenosides Rg1 and Rb1 exerted preventive effect on the retardness of sexual behavior and learning ability of the animals suffering from constant stress.  These reports clearly indicate that Korean red ginseng not only prevents deterioration of brain activity but also stimulates it.

How Korean Red Ginseng Can Help You From Cancer...

Professor Ueki of Kumamoto University examined the anticancer effect of 117 kinds of herbs in 1961 and found that Korean red ginseng exerts anticancer effects on Ehrlich abdominal ascites cancer cells.

Professor W. I. Hwang of Korea University reported in 1991 that he found the anticancer effect of Korean red ginseng was superior to that of Chinese red ginseng through the studies of anticancer fraction in Korean red ginseng and Chinese red ginseng.

Dr. T. K. Yun of Korea Cancer Center Hospital, in a presentation titled Effect of red ginseng on the activation of anticancer cell at the 8th Asia-Pacific Cancer Conference in September, 1987, stated that Korean red ginseng, had a remarkable effect on the activation of natural killer cells that are able to kill cancer cells based on the result of administering Korean red ginseng for a year to rats suffering from lung cancer. 

How Korean Red Ginseng Can Help You From Diabetes...

Professor Kimura of Toyama University in Japan, based on the result from the animal tests, stated at the 3rd International Ginseng Symposium that DPG 3-2, a blood sugar depressive component isolated from Korean red ginseng, had the function of stimulating insulin release.

Professor J. S. Cho of Kyungbuk National University, professor Okuda of Ehime University of Japan, Dr. Yamamoto of Nissei Hospital in Osaka, Japan, and Dr. Yoshida of Yawatahama Municipal Hospital in Japan reported results of clinical studies that, by the administration of Korean red ginseng, the blood sugar level in diabetes could be lowered and the insulin dosage could be reduced, and, especially, the subjective symptoms of diabetes such as dizziness, shoulder pain, chest pain, thirst, weariness over the whole body, and heaviness in the head were all remarkably improved.

How Korean Ginseng eliminates hangover...

Professor C. N. Joo of Yonsei University observed that the administration of ginseng saponin increased the activity of various enzymes related to alcohol metabolism, and confirmed through the electron microscopy that the level of hepatic damage of the rats given ginseng with alcohol for 10 days was much less than that of rats given alcohol only.

Dr. J. Y. Lee of the Korea Ginseng & Tobacco Research Institute tested 10 volunteers from the institute and found that the alcohol level in the blood of those who took Korean red ginseng with alcohol was significantly lower than those who took alcohol alone.  The fact, she stated, indicated that the Korean red ginseng accelerated the degradation of alcohol in the blood.

Korean Red Ginseng promotes the function of immune system...

Professor K. H. Cho of Cheonnam National University administered Korean red ginseng saponin after suppressing the function of reticuloendothelial (RE) system, which is in charge of immune responses, using immune suppressive chemicals, to find the restoration of the function of RE system.  In similar experiment, Professors Kubo of Kinki University and Tanaka of Hiroshima University evidenced that Korean red ginseng promoted the function of the immune system.

How Korean Red Ginseng protects your liver...

Professor Oura of Toyama University in Japan found that when Korean red ginseng was administered to rats with a two-thirds partial hepatectomy, the rate of liver regeneration was more than 34% higher than that of untreated rats.  He called the effective components protein synthesis stimulating factor, and named it prostisol (Proc. Symp., Waken Yaku)

Professor D. R. Hahn of Chungang University also reported that Korean red ginseng reduced histological lesions including necrotic death of liver cells induced by toxic chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride and phenacetin (The 2nd International Ginseng Symposium, 1978).

How Korean Red Ginseng helps stomach disorders...

Professor Matsuda and his colleagues of Kinki University administered Korean red ginseng extract to male cats with experimentally induced gastric ulcer to study the effect of ginseng on stomach disorders.  They found that the extract suppressed the gastric ulcer significantly as a result of improved blood circulation in gastric mucous membrane (The Ginseng Reviews 2(3), 1984).

Dr. K. H. Ahn treated patients with Korean red ginseng for one month and observed X-ray photography of the stomach to find that the movement of food in the organ in treated group was faster than untreated group.  He claimed that the gastric movement was accelerated by the Korean red ginseng treatment (Choongang Medicine)

Korean Ginseng has effects on anti-fatigue and anti-stress....

Russian Pharmacologist, I. I. Brekhman studied the pharmacological effect of Korean ginseng and presented the concept of tonic effect of ginseng as a phenomenon that increases general resistance, and said that ginseng improves defense ability nonspecifically by increasing resistance of the body against harmful environmental conditions.  He termed it as adaptogen (adaptability factor) effect.

Dr. Petkov of Sophia Pharmacology Research Institute reported at the 2nd International Pharmacological Seminar held in Czechoslovakia in 1963 that Korean ginseng accelerates the release of hormones related to the defense mechanism against stress and thus exhibits and anti-stress effect.

Professor Saito of the University of Tokyo also reported in 1984 that treating mice with Korean ginseng remarkably prevented the decline of physical capability due to stress accumulation when the mice were forced to walk a tight rope.

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