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Magnetic therapy ( by Ben Ash Pretoria (Tshwane), JHB in South Africa)

Magnetic Therapy is the application of magnetic fields on parts of the body to speed healing, relative pain and inflammation, and improve bodily functions. The magnetic therapy simulates the earth's magnetic field and places your body in an optimum environment to heal itself. The physiology of the wide range of Benefits is not completely understood but believed to come from increased blood circulation for greater supplies of oxygen and nutrients and improving removal of contaminants and toxins from body tissues. The magnetic therapy simulates the earth's magnetic field and places your body in an optimum environment to heal itself.

The idea of using magnetism for healing is not new. Early Chinese medical literature claimed healing properties for lodestone, a naturally magnetic mineral. In 1530, Paracelsus reported on treatments by magnetic fields at the University of Basel. In recent times, the biological effects of magnetic fields have been studied in Japan, the Soviet Union, Europe and the United States.

Since the late 1950's, numerous studies have been done in Japan which have demonstrated the effectiveness of magnetic fields for treating various human complaints and a number of medical papers have been published on this subject. Magnetic necklaces and bracelets are sold in Japan, Korea, China, and in Europe for the relief of neck, shoulder and back pain and stiffness as well as to improve circulation. Magnetic back and knee supports are sold to help relieve pain and stiffness in those areas.

Although the foreign studies do not specifically mention the use of these items for relief of arthritis pain and stiffness, most users report excellent results for this application. The small magnetic patches are very popular for the relief of muscle pain and soreness and are applied to the painful area like a spot "band-aid," or in some cases are applied to acupuncture points to stimulate them magnetically instead of with needles. I

A U.S. researcher, Albert Roy Davis, is credited with the discovery that the two poles of a magnet have different, and essentially opposite effects on both living and non-living systems. He was awarded several patents for his work in this area and his discoveries provided the basis for research currently being done on magnet therapy in which, contrary to the action of most of the Japanese devices, the energy from essentially one pole or the other is used.

Magnetic Elastic Lumbar Belt (1984) "…effective for reducing stiffness or pain in the muscles of the human body."

Magneto-Therapeutic Device (1979) "…used for curing stiffness in the shoulder and pains in the waist and muscles with its magnetic effects and pressure-stimulation effects."

Healthy Magnetic Ornament (1978) (Magnetic Necklace) "…the magnetic ornament of the invention is more suitable for promotion of good health, that is, it facilitates blood circulation and, hence, has a favorable effect on the removal of stiffness in the shoulders and muscular pain."

"Flexible permanent magnetic sheets have been used in the past for promoting blood circulation and body heating on peripheral body sites."

As new and more powerful magnetic materials have become available, new applications for them have also evolved. Such is the case with the new super-powerful neodymium-iron-boron magnetic alloy. This is the most powerful magnetic alloy, which is commercially available, and it is rapidly finding new applications in numerous areas of technology, which employ magnets.

In 1987, Professor Goesta Wollin, a scientist and researcher of world renown, who was for more than 30 years associated with Columbia University, presented a 57-page report at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, on the use of these new "super" magnets for the treatment of cancer.

How to Use Magnets

Using Magnets on Localized Pain

A small area of pain, like a knuckle, can be treated with an individual magnet. A larger area like a hip, knee or lower back will require a larger magnetic treatment product. Multiple pain trigger points will require several magnetic products for simultaneous treatment as continuous use gives the best results.

What makes magnets so attractive are their effectiveness, ease of use, low cost, durability and no side effects. Place the magnet or pad directly over the point of pain. It can be held in place with surgical tape, an elastic or cloth wrap, a Velcro band or even a band aid. Magnets are exceptionally safe and as such can be used as often as necessary.

To use magnets to ease the discomfort of pain, try placing them as follows for the highest probability of success:
Step1) Directly over the area of pain for localized treatment, removing them only when bathing. Most will find some relief in a few days, however, for a few it may take several weeks.

Step2) If the above doesn't work, place them over referral points such as over the hip for a thigh or upper knee pain or over the lower back for hip pain.

Step3) If these fail, try placing them over acupuncture points related to the pain area. For this type of treatment, several small magnets may be required.


Since any case is different with the other one please fill up the consultation page.

Our Magnetic therapist charges R 50 consultation fee to guide you on

Type of Magnet, Strength, length of time.



   1) Acne
   2) Allergies
   3) Asthma
   4) Back aches
   5) Bunions
   6) Burns
   7) Bursitis
   8) Cataracts
   9) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  10) Colitis
  11) Cramps
  12) Earaches
  13) Fibromyalgia
  14) Frozen shoulder
  15) High Blood Pressure
  16) Infections
  17) Insomnia
  18) Menstrual Cramps
  19) Migraines
  20) Osteoarthritis
  21) Poor Circulation
  22) Rheumatoid arthritis
  23) Sinus Congestion
  24) Strep Throat
  25) Tendonitis

Magnetic Belt R 550 with electric Adaptor

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To understand the concept of magnetic energy therapy we must first recognize that everything in nature, including man, depends on electromagnetic energy to exist.

Man is nothing more than a bio magnetic energy field living in a magnetic atmosphere. Like a fish living in water with water inside its body, we live in an ocean of electro-magnetism, while simultaneously possessing magnetic energy in our body.

Each cell or unit of our body consists of approximately 80-90 MLV of magnetic energy. Therefore our body is a generator of electricity or energy. Conventional medicine uses electro-cardiograms and Electro-encephalograms to diagnose medical cases. These elecrograms record on paper the magnetic energy of the heart and brain.

It is only recently that scientists discovered the brain possesses magnetic energy. At the beginning of the space age in 1959, Russian Scientists brought about a new chapter in the science of biomagnetism with the launch of the Sputnik Satellite.

It was during the same time when President John F Kennedy ordered extensive research about magnetism and the translation of publications about space magnetism into English.

It was after these investigations that man could finally set foot on the moon because of the secret of the relation of man with magnetism had been discovered. The scientists discovered man is but a magnetic being living in a biomagnetic atmosphere. The book "Biomagnet" is a memorial to the same period of time.

Because man cannot separate himself from this electromagnetic atmosphere, any dis-equilibrium between this environment and man's magnetic energy can have dire consequences. A healthy body acquires the necessary energy from its environment. Any living creature deprived of this energy, by natural or artificial means, will first succumb to different diseases.


The Japanese discovered that during the last five centuries the earth has lost 50% of its magnetic energy. Each century it will lose 5% of the same energy and each year it will lose an additional 0.05%. There will come a day when the earth's magnetic energy reaches zero quantity--when life on earth will cease. Scientists estimate this will happen 2000 years from now.

In today's typical urban landscape man is surrounded everywhere by iron in building materials, elevators, trains, automobiles, industrial and household appliances, etc. Since iron absorbs lines of magnetic force, we generally receive less magnetism in urban areas in contrast with the non-urban environment: where the average intensity of terrestrial magnetism is 0.5 gauss but drops to 0.2 gauss in, for example, an elevator or an automobile.

Measurements have also gauged 0.2 to 0.3 gauss of the magnetic field within the human body. The significant point here is that a balance between the body's inner magnetism and outer magnetic field appears to be a desirable factor in overall health care. Consequently, the primary function of magnetic energy therapy is to supply sufficient magnetism to the human organism in order to maintain the desired balance between the body's inner magnetism and the environment's external magnetic fields.

Magnetic deficiency symptoms include:

Chronic fatigue
Various forms of neuralgia
Vertigo (dizziness), ringing in ears
Loss of appetite
Shoulder, low back, wrist, elbow, knee pain

Magnetic excess symptoms include:
When the intensity of terrestrial magnetism is particularly strong and excessive, a person's health is already markedly impaired.

Research on magnetism and its effect on the heart have shown that heart disease can be adversely affected by changes in the earth's magnetic field. Data collected indicates that cardiac complications, such as arrhythmia (irregular pulse), are more likely to occur when terrestrial magnetism is high. Data yielding similar results exists in relation to eye disease, kidney disease, stomach ulcers, epilepsy, rheumatism and hypertension.

Furthermore, Soviet scientists have noted a correlation between increased activity of the earth's magnetic field and the incidence of smallpox, dysentery, polio, and scarlet fever.

Any material that is magnetized in a magnetic field is called a magnetic body, or a magnetic substance. The human body is a magnetic "substance" whose intensity is roughly 0.2 to 0.3 gauss.

The fact that the human organism is magnetic substance suggests to the scientific community that magnetism plays a critical role in the preservation of life. The results of a very important experiment conducted in the United States in 1963 underscored the premise.

when magnetic substances in our bodies decrease for whatever reason, the oxygen content in our blood also drops, causing a disturbance in our metabolic functions.

In conclusion, factors involved in healing with magnetic energy therapy include:

> Increased blood flow leading to increased oxygen-carrying capacity both of which are basic to helping the body heal itself.

> Changes in migration of calcium ions to heal a broken bone in half the usual time or help move calcium away from painful, arthritic joints.

> The pH balance which is often out of balance in conjunction with illness or abnormal conditions, can apparently be altered by magnetic fields. 

> Hormone production from the endocrine glands can be either increased or decreased by magnetic stimulation.

> Altering of enzyme activity and other biochemical processes.


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