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Angel Water Ionizer

The  ICM Ionizer Product Details
An easy DIY installation with manual and instructions.
Voltage: AC220V 60Hz
Electricity: 0.5A (110W)
Size: W26 x D15 x H36cm
Weight: Approximately 4.4Kg
Water Pressure: 0.6 7Kgf/cm2
Water Temperature: 4 30C
Water Supply: Direct Connection to tap
Amount of Ionized Water: 2 3 liters per minute
Filter Duration: +/-  6 months is good for 3600l of water passing through
Features of the Fountainhead ICM Ionizer
  • 5 Levels of pH adjustment
  • Comes with pH Test Kit
  • Can adjust to water purification only (no ionizing if you wish)
  • Self-Cleaning operation (filter)
  • Life of Filter is shown on unit on LED
  • Can optionally add calcium supplement to water via filter
  • Easy change of filter
  • Is manufactured by Jupiter Dang-Yong Science, Korea a reputable company using only the best components and who export globally and even supply the competition with the cells for ionization.
  • One year warranty, service repairs easily done and the electrodes are made to last 15 years.

Further Technical Information

How long have Water Ionizers been on the market?

Water Ionizers have been available in the orient for over forty years and in the United States for about 10 years. They were popularized in Japan and began to become somewhat common there around the mid 1980's used in hospitals, clinics, agriculture and homes. Our ICM ionizer is manifested by Jupiter Dang Yong Science who have been manufacturing for 18 years and in fact supply the competition with their ionization cells as well as clinics and hospitals.

Why do different Water Ionizers come with different selection levels of intensity?

A Water Ionizer should have at least 3 levels of intensity to chose from, The Fountainhead ICM Ionizer has 5. This is mainly because Ionized Water is extremely detoxifying and people who have toxins built up in their system can suffer reactions such as headaches or diarrhea. This is especially true of the elderly because they often have built up many toxins in their bodies over the years.  It offers the convenience of slowly building up tolerance to ionized water.

Does the volume a Water Ionizer produces per minute important? Are some Water Ionizers on the market stronger than other Water Ionizers?

All home Water Ionizers currently manufactured deliver approximately 1 to 1 1/2 gallons per minute. There is very little difference between the strength of the various Water Ionizers on the market. Ionized Water with a 10 pH or higher takes only an unflattering taste, almost as though it is salty. The slower you run water through a Water Ionizer, the stronger it will become because the source water has more contact time with the electrodes. This is why the flow rate of Water Ionizers essentially does not matter. If you wish to drink strong Ionized Water then running the source water through it very slowly will accomplish this.

Do all Water Ionizers have a Calcium Port and what is its function?

Some Water Ionizers such as The Fountainhead ICM Ionizer come with a port where calcium, can be added, which boosts the intensity of the Ionized Water. Once minerals have been ionized they are assimilated into the body more easily. The more minerals that are in the source water used to produce the Ionized Water, the stronger it will be. This is why Ionized Water can NOT be made from distilled, purified or reverse osmosis.

Does it matter what the electrodes on a Water Ionizer are composed of?

The electrodes are one of the most important components of a Water Ionizer. All Water Ionizers currently manufactured have titanium electrodes with platinum tips, which is one of the biggest costs of a Water Ionizer.

Do all Water Ionizers have a carbon filter? Why do some carbon filter have silver impregnation?

All continuous flow Home Water Ionizers on the market have a carbon filter. The Fountainhead ICM Ionizer comes with a silver impregnated carbon filter. The carbon in the filter is silver impregnated in order to retard bacterial growth (as seen in our colloidal silver article) The silver that is impregnated in the carbon will NOT leach into the water. Every major manufacturer of carbon filters in the US produces carbon filters with silver impregnation.

Do Water Ionizers remove fluoride from the water as some have claimed?

There have been statements made regarding Water Ionizers removing fluoride from municipal water. Water Ionizers can not remove anything from the water. To ionize means simply to gain or loose an electron. The amount and type of minerals that are present in the water before ionization is the same after ionization. In every test we are aware of, no more than 50% of the fluoride in the water was lost on the alkaline side of the Ionized Water. This means that half but not all of the fluoride in the Ionized Water after ionization had migrated to the acidic side of the ionization process which runs into the drain.


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